Speaking of stone soup, one of my favourite blog discoveries in the last year has been a blog by the same name with the same objective I referred to in my previous post. Stonesoup, a minimalist home cooking blog by Jules Clancy focuses on food anyone can cook, with five or less ingredients.

Her blog may not have started out that way but she’s simplified, and Jules’ recipes are brilliant and uncomplicated, easy to acquire ingredients and straightforward preparation techniques to make delicious, wholesome food. And she gives properly useful food advice.

In time for Christmas, Jules has just released a free e-cookbook for download, 5 Ingredients Simple Baking a follow up to her fantastic last release 5 Ingredients | Ten Minutes. It’s one of the most beautiful and nifty cookbooks I’ve seen, and would inspire any lazy cook.

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One Response to Stonesoup

  1. Tes says:

    I love simple cooking especially with less ingredients. Thanks for sharing about the stonesoup blog :)

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